Very Interesting Bible Study

Thank you for all your prayers!!! God is sooo great, always, and I´ve been continuing to have a blast here. We had no excursions today, but I had my regular class of four hours. After coming home from the institute, the oldest son, Ricardo, invited Carolynne and me to come to his weekly Bible Study which is held in a family´s house about 10 minutes from here. It was awesome. It was from 7pm until about 9:15pm.

Ricardo – before we left the house, and then again before stepping out of the car to enter the house hosting the Bible Study – informed us that it was not an average Bible study, that many times Catholics, Atheists, Jews and Christians alike attend to discuss the Bible together, and many times there are …Read the rest »

God Is So Great

Hello Everyone)!!!

Again, thank you for all your prayers for me and my fellow students and the Costa Ricans (ticos) here, and my Tico family!!! God is sooo great, as He continues to open doors each day for me to share Christ´s love and the Gospel with everyone here.

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Praise Report & First Day of Classes

Today is the first day of class, and classes start at 1:15pm.  There are also free dance lessons at the institute 12:15pm, which I might go check out!

HUGE praise report: I was able to share the Salvation bracelets with two of the host family´s friends, Coco and the girlfriend of Daniel, one of the sons, and they both wanted to pray to receive …Read the rest »

At Home in Costa Rica

I’m here in San Jose, and everything´s great! I looove it here! I went first to Forester International Institute where I had my first in person interview / placement test, and i did very well.  The weather is great here, moist and warm, kind of like the Philippines, but even nicer, and the flight was awesome and I love the people here.  I´m speaking so much Spanish!!!  Like all the time!!  …Read the rest »

First Day in Costa Rica!!! Numero 1

Heyyyyyy Everyone! I’m now here at Forester International Institute, using one of my new friend´s computers!! Praise God! The flight was great and exciting, with a few gusts of turbulence as we flew through a Huge raincloud. The weather is gorgeous, humid, kind of like the Philippines. I love you guys! I’m about to have my first interview test with one of the teachers here, as a placement test. Hello to everyone for me! Feel free to blog this if you want! It’s soooooo tropical!! God bless. Love, Caitlyn.

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