Ox Cart Artisan

img_9040 Today  (June 16th) I went on an early morning excursion with the UNC Charlotte group. We were driven to the mountains to the east of San Jose, and we stopped at a place where traditional Costa Rican ox carts (which for years have transported coffee, various other exports grown in the fertile soil of Costa Rica, and materials to build churches) are painted.

It was fascinating watching the men who were there painting, paint these carts with such bright, brilliant colors, and always …Read the rest »

Weekend at Los Suenos

This weekend has been amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had our second two-night trip at another 5-star hotel, this time at a beach. It was the most ritzy hotel that I’ve both seen in real life and stayed at, with a labyrinth of pools with waterfalls and a wide variety of tropical plants, flowers and trees. There were also iguanas everywhere, who liked to wander around the pools and the resort. The place is called Los Suenos Hotel and Resort ( Marriott).

We left early Saturday morning for the beach. Both Carolynne and I thought that we had to be at the Institute to get on the bus at 9:45am, but …Read the rest »

A Dinner, Exams, A Rainforest

I JUST got home from eating dinner with a friend of the family, Greg, who lives in another neighborhood. James, Carolynne and I were picked up by him (James knows him well), and we ate some Trinidadian food (he is from Trinidad) and drank some Cabernet Something wine. After dinner, I spoke in Spanish with the maid in the kitchen, who works there, and shared with her about horses, riding and missions, and she shared how she …Read the rest »

Adventure On The Bus

Today we had our first unplanned adventure, as our bus (which had “Curridabat” on the front of it, clearly) took a detour in a smaller, unfamiliar neighborhood en route to Curridabat. Many minutes later, we decided that I should ask the driver (who apparently suffered from mild road rage – that was the longest I have ever heard ANYONE lay on the horn during traffic!!) if he was still heading for Curridabat (which is our neighborhood). He looked at me …Read the rest »

Righteous Horse and Waterfall Adventure

I had one of the most AMAZING adventures today!!! We (Casey, Chloe, and I) were picked up from the hotel this morning at 8am to …Read the rest »

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