Father’s Day & The Salvation Bracelet

Happy Father´s Day, everyone!!!! Today was another awesome day. :) James, Carolynne and I all went shopping around noon, after breakfast, for our dinner gift to our tico family. We decided a couple days ago to make two pizzas, a calzone (basically like a giant pizza hot pocket) and a huge salad for them for Father´s Day dinner. I was in charge of the salad, and was amazed at how for such little money I was able to make a HUGE salad, which will most likely last for another two or three days! It was a lot of fun, and the family was so blessed tonight. Praise God!

After dinner, I gave Mr. Martinez a special card (in the form of a scroll, tied up with dental floss, with a custom tag, and with three “tissue roses” sticking out of the top of it. He was so delighted, and the three of us (Carolynne, James and I) signed it at the bottom. After reading the letter (which was basically a bless note/Father´s Day card in Spanish), Mr. Martinez re-rolled it, re-tied it with the same piece of floss I had used (because I didn´t have any string), and even put the flowers back in the top of it, so they were sticking out as they were before he opened it! I think he possibly wanted to show it to Mrs. Martinez, who was already upstairs watching TV.

After dinner, the three of us spoke Spanish, laughed and joked with the brothers, Carolynne and I danced for a little bit in the kitchen to some typical Costa Rican music from one of the seven CDs that I bought from a blind, Christian, tico street musician in San Jose over a week ago (it is VERY good music!), and then we watched some of Lord of the Rings. Attached are some pictures of Carolynne, James and me in the kitchen after we had prepped all of the food for dinner, and me and Daniel holding Memo, the cat.

I love you all! God bless! OH!! And HUUUUUUUUGE PRAISE REPORT!!!!! Today, before we went shopping, James came up to me and said, regarding the salvation bracelets that I have brought here to Costa Rica (as he had seen me share them with two groups of people already, and I showed one of them to him one day with the card explaining the bracelet, and he said that it was “cool”), that he would like to have, and WEAR, one of those “Jesus bracelets”, in his own words!!!!! My heart rejoiced, and I gladly said, “Sure, man! I´ll get one for you.” “Okay,” he said.

When I came back to him with it, I offered to demonstrate to him how to share it with others. He said that he had already read the card, but he was interested in hearing how to share it with others. To make a long story short, after sharing it in the most simple words (it took about a minute and a half), I gave a simple invitation to pray and he confessed Jesus as his Lord, after praying on his own and trusting Him and thanking Him for sending me down here to remind him of His presence. Praise the Lord, God Almighty, forever and ever!!! God is so great, and His mercy endures forever! It was awesome, and a tremendous answer to prayer.

Again, thank you all for your diligent prayers for prepared hearts here and wherever we go, and for open doors, and also for the continued spiritual and physical protection, as well as continued strength, focus and growth for us and for all those who have put their trust in Jesus as their Savior and Lord (including James, the family, and those children from last night). Amen!

I love you all, and I pray you are having a fantastic week and summer! Jesus loves you too!

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