Testimony On The Bus

After class and on our way home on the bus (because it was raining), a tico stepped onto our bus and stood at the front, facing everyone seated in order to share something for a minute or two and then to ask for financial support for a cause (which is the second time I have seen someone do this since I´ve been here – I assume it´s pretty common). However, when he began to share, the tico said that he had just gotten out of jail, and he proceeded to share his life testimony and how, after trusting God (after doing a whole bunch of bad things in his life, involving drugs and crime, I believe), God turned his life around and is continuing to do so.

Then he encouraged everyone on the bus to trust in God with their lives, if they had not already done so, and promised them that He would answer and help them in their lives, too. It was awesome.

He did collect money for some cause (for exactly what I didn´t hear), but when he came by my seat, I asked him in Spanish, “So, you believe in Jesus Christ?” “Of course!” he said, “you have to.” I responded, “Awesome! That is so great. Thank you very much for sharing your life testimony with us all, and what the Lord has done for you. Continue to do so. It´s a great inspiration to me, also.” He answered, saying, “Well, thank you. Of course I will. It´s my responsibility… I have to do it, because He has given me so much.” “Amen! God bless you,” I responded, and he said back, “God bless you, too”, and kept on walking towards the back of the bus, thanking people and collecting money.

That experience was definitely one of the highlights of this trip, so far. And one could tell that he was not doing it just for the money. It´s amazing to me, partly because it was the first time I watched a tico enter one of my buses and stand at the front and boldly give a spiel to everyone on the bus, with a loud voice so that everyone was listening and paying attention to him, many even with their eyes on him. I thought to myself “what a great impact that man could have in the Kingdom of Heaven, with that voice”  and with that boldness”.  Though it wasn´t particularly pleasant, he definitely made himself heard. I prayed for him. And then I got to witness another man use that same opportunity for God´s Kingdom, just as I had prayed. Hallelujah! Such an experience encouraged me so much, and always inspires me to share Christ every opportunity I get.

Thank you all, again, for your prayers for safety, protection, guidance, wisdom and understanding in every situation, and also for sensitivity on my part and great open doors to share Christ with people here! And wow! I have only about 6 days left before I return to Charlotte!! Time flies, and it´s always time to seize the day!

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