Friday Night Bible Study

On Friday (June 17th) we had no excursion in the morning, but only class  in the afternoon (which was fun, as always). In the evening, I went to the Friday night Bible study led by Ricardo (which was awesome, again!!), I played mandolin and sang beforehand, and after that we had a barbecue together, to celebrate Father´s Day early and to also commemorate one of the member´s passing of an important academic test.

We met at another family´s house this week, which was the HUGEST houses I have seen yet here in Costa Rica, and even in general! It was the house of the family of one young guy who attends the Bible study, who´s family owns a large chain of stores in a certain strip mall here in San Jose (it has been run by their family for years). I met the guy´s parents last night and had great conversations with them, and later the Mom told me that any time I wanted or needed to stay in Costa Rica, that I was welcome there. Wow, praise God.

One unplanned adventure took place as we were on our way to the Bible study that night: we first tried to take one of the Martines´ cars, which obviously had something wrong with it because I couldn´t stay running in neutral, nor at any light or stop sign, and even stalling continually while being driven up hills. So we ended up having to drive (and push!) the stalling car back to that neighborhood. That two-way trip took us all about 30 minutes, and we were already 30 minutes late for the Bible study.

Carolynne, Natalie and I (along with the help of ticos who were walking by on the street) had to push the car twice, in the dark and with other cars honking when we weren´t pushing, while Ricardo continued starting it and trying to get it moving. But we eventually made it home safe and then tried to take a bus. After the buses weren´t stopping for us and just passing for about 10 minutes, Rosibel showed up in the street with their other car and just drove us to the Bible study, and then we took a bus home. A fun night indeed! I had a blast.

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