Weekend at Los Suenos

This weekend has been amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We had our second two-night trip at another 5-star hotel, this time at a beach. It was the most ritzy hotel that I’ve both seen in real life and stayed at, with a labyrinth of pools with waterfalls and a wide variety of tropical plants, flowers and trees. There were also iguanas everywhere, who liked to wander around the pools and the resort. The place is called Los Suenos Hotel and Resort ( Marriott).

We left early Saturday morning for the beach. Both Carolynne and I thought that we had to be at the Institute to get on the bus at 9:45am, but we were wrong. We got a call at around 8:10am from Mrs. Castro, our professor, saying that we had to be there at 8:30am (a bus ride takes about 20 to 30 minutes from our house to the Institute). So, as Mrs. Castro suggested, we took a taxi, and got there just in time! Praise God! Some people even arrived after us. :)

After we arrived at our hotel and got checked into our huge, luxurious room, Carolynne and I went and swam in the beautiful harbor which was just a 30-second walk from the tropical pool area behind the hotel (and past the sprawling, well-groomed almond-tree hammock area). It was gorgeous!!! We had a delicious lunch with a complementary deli-style chocolate cake, and to Mrs. Castro’s surprise, we got amazing prices for each meal while we were there. She was so blessed. I spent the rest of the day swimming, napping and eating with Carolynne and the group, and speaking Spanish, of course.

Sunday morning, I got up early and left with a small group (6 other girls and one older, married woman named Patricia, who has been Carolynne’s and my roommate, also) on the giant bus (our driver was named Rafa) to head to Jaco (pronounced “hako”) beach, where you can rent surfboards, get surfing lessons and buy a snot load of souvenirs.

I rented a surfboard for $10 (an answered prayer!!!) and walked to the beach with Patricia and Carolynne, where I surfed for hours, rested, drank water, pet some horses, surfed some more, played soccer with about 16 ticos on the beach (with Carolynne, too, who LOVES soccer!), and then swam some more before leaving. It was amazing!!! Patricia got some pictures of me surfing, and the waves were super, and STRONG! It felt soooo great, as usual, and it was really fun watching the other surfers out there. :D

The breakfasts and dinners were amazing there at Los Suenos, once again, and we left Monday around 12:30pm.  Carolynne took a whole bunch of pictures of the both of us and of the place. :)

Right now I am using James’ computer (the computer here has been occupied for some time), and I’m about to do my homework for tomorrow. Class was great, as usual, and we (each class) are given oral presentation assignments, as a class, which we will present to the entire Institute this Thursday at 1:15pm. We have to present, as a class, how to make a certain typical Costa Rican dish, and we were given the recipe today. The dish we have to present about is called Tortas de platanos maduros con queso rallado (basically small, fat tortillas made of mashed ripe plantains and with shredded cheese, fried in a pan). Thank you so much for your prayers, again!

OH!!! And I just remembered to mention that, this past Friday, I went to the Bible study again, led by Ricardo (the oldest son), and it was WONDERFULL!!! Thanks especially for all your prayers for that…can’t wait to tell you all about it. A lot of things were cleared up, and I was able to communicate much better than the previous week.  And MOM!!! Those verses that you sent me were a TREMENDOUS, RIGHTEOUS help!!! Wahooooo! Praise the Lord!!

Thanks for praying for open doors to share Christ with James, who definitely seems to be searching. He’s hanging out with both Carolynne and me a lot. :)

I hope and pray that all is SUPER-well with you all, in Jesus’ mighty name!

I love you all very, very much!!! God bless you in all that you do!



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