A Dinner, Exams, A Rainforest

I JUST got home from eating dinner with a friend of the family, Greg, who lives in another neighborhood. James, Carolynne and I were picked up by him (James knows him well), and we ate some Trinidadian food (he is from Trinidad) and drank some Cabernet Something wine. After dinner, I spoke in Spanish with the maid in the kitchen, who works there, and shared with her about horses, riding and missions, and she shared how she also does some missions with a kind of “Sisters of Mary” church.

Later I asked her if there was anything specific I could pray for her, and she asked me to pray for her nephew who is trying to return to Costa Rica from San Salvador, and who does not have the proper papers – they are hoping that he won´t be deported, and that he´ll be able to return safely. Her name is Patricia and her nephew´s name is Jonathan.

I had my first of two exams today in Spanish, and I´m confident that I got an A. Praaaise God! Thanks for all your prayers! Before the exam, the Institute gave a mandatory class about the fruits in Costa Rica, and they completely decked out a table with tropical fruit and one of the teachers described each one and how to eat it and what to eat of it, and later we all got to eat the fruits! It was sooo delicious.

It is really cool having a male escort with Carolynne and me now, wherever we go (James). Today all the UNCC students and I went to a rainforest and we walked through it together, taking pictures of exotic plants, spiders, trees, a frog and insects, and I think we heard some monkeys not too far away, responding to Carolynne´s very realistic monkey call. xP. It was a blast, and it didn´t rain!! I also made two “Aussie Caitlyn” videos, which I can´t wait to share with you.

Well, I´m going to start winding down, I guess.




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