Adventure On The Bus

Today we had our first unplanned adventure, as our bus (which had “Curridabat” on the front of it, clearly) took a detour in a smaller, unfamiliar neighborhood en route to Curridabat. Many minutes later, we decided that I should ask the driver (who apparently suffered from mild road rage – that was the longest I have ever heard ANYONE lay on the horn during traffic!!) if he was still heading for Curridabat (which is our neighborhood). He looked at me strange and said “No,” and that we should get off the bus asap and look for another one to take us to Curridabat. So we ended up walking home, which was even shorter of a walk that we have been doing 50% of the time, from the Institute. It was fun!

Also, as another institute in the Adventure: as soon as I got on that bus and sat down in the front row next to Carolynne, and began taking off my backpack, the driver SLAMMMMMED on the breaks and I flew dramatically into the plexiglass, right in front of me. My backpack also went a-flyin´, but didn´t slip from my grip, which in-turn made a loud crash as the metal water bottle strapped to the outside of it smacked into some other metal object – I was directly behind the driver!!

It was ABSOLUTELY HILARIOUS!!! I probably laughed about it for the next 10 minutes, no joke. XD I´m still laughing about it! If only it were caught on camera…it was totally like something that would be in a funny movie. I think I left a face print on the plexiglass, but I am totally fine.

Another American, 16-year-old James from Connecticut, is now walking with Carolynne and me when we do walk, since he is studying at the same Institute. :)

Well, going to do my homework now, eat dinner, speak with the family, do some exercises and go to bed! Tomorrow we are going to see Volcan Irasu (Irasu Volcano), so we´re leaving at 8am.

Buenas noches!!



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