Righteous Horse and Waterfall Adventure

I had one of the most AMAZING adventures today!!! We (Casey, Chloe, and I) were picked up from the hotel this morning at 8am to do a horseback riding excursion! We rode horses for one hour, up some mountains, over streams and through jungle to a HUUUGE waterfall, near Arenal Volcano (AND we galloped through fields and fields of green grass, filled with either more horses or cows, or BOTH!!! And BABY horses and cows, too!), and then we had one hour to swim in the clear blue waters at the base of the waterfall. Afterward, we rode for another hour back to the barn. Praise God! And the entire trip cost only $37!!! Wow.

I´m back in San Jose right now, at my tico family´s house. We had a great dinner of typical Costa Rican food – rice and black beans (arroz con frijoles negros), fried plantains in olive oil (platanos fritos en aceite de oliva), potatos with sausage (papas con chorizo) and a cabbage/tomato cole slaw, home-made, along with home-made salsa. Delicioso!

Tomorrow I resume my classes, and we have another excursion in the morning. God is sooo great! Thanks for all your prayers for safety, protection, wisdom and continued open doors to share the Gospel! Oh, and while I was at the hotel, I was able to share the 4 Spiritual Laws book with two of the students. It was great. They weren´t interested in trusting in Jesus yet, but I was sure to fill them in on how to do so whenever they so desire. :)

Love always and forever & ever & ever,

Caitlyn (Catalina)

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