Very Interesting Bible Study

Thank you for all your prayers!!! God is sooo great, always, and I´ve been continuing to have a blast here. We had no excursions today, but I had my regular class of four hours. After coming home from the institute, the oldest son, Ricardo, invited Carolynne and me to come to his weekly Bible Study which is held in a family´s house about 10 minutes from here. It was awesome. It was from 7pm until about 9:15pm.

Ricardo – before we left the house, and then again before stepping out of the car to enter the house hosting the Bible Study – informed us that it was not an average Bible study, that many times Catholics, Atheists, Jews and Christians alike attend to discuss the Bible together, and many times there are debates, disagreements and arguments. We were very excited to go, however, as both Carolynne and I love apologetics, especially Carolynne! This is right up her alley and she has studied it a lot! Once again, we are like the PERFECT team for this trip!! It´s really, really amazing, as the days go by.

Ricardo asked me if I would like to play and sing a song before the Bible study, and I did on the mandolin (a Christian song in Spanish), and they were so blessed. Praise God! And it seemed like everyone at the Bible study tonight was Christian. Then we got right into the Bible and soon found out that Ricardo is the one who leads it!!! He led the entire thing, asking very amazing, thought-provoking questions that REALLY make you think!!!

On our way, Ricardo told me that he is NOT a Christian but rather calls himself an atheist. He doesn´t go to any church, and he said that he doesn´t believe in Jesus Christ nor Christianity (he said specifically the Jesus Christ “of the church”). He said that he believes in the “God of the Bible”.

Then, shortly after that, he turned to me and said, with a very serious look in his eyes, that he was a youth pastor for five years. I was amazed. I asked him, “Que paso?” (What happened?”), and he said that he just doesn´t like the church anymore, and doesn´t believe that “church”, the way it is today, is right. But he has an EXTREMELY vast amount of Biblical understanding and knowledge, and I really think we´re on the same page on a lot of things. Tonight, Carolynne was able to give him “The Case For Christ” in Spanish, and gave him homework (as he gave us homework, too!) to read one chapter of it. Thanks for continuing to pray for those open doors!

After coming home from the Bible Study, which was very fun and full of many interesting discussions in Spanish, I spoke for a couple hours with Rosibel and Carolynne and others, and Rosibel shared many stories about previous students who have come to live with them, for various amounts of time, over the past 23 years. It was sooo fun!  I gave Rosibel a nice back massage last night, and she was so blessed, and afterward she, Carolynne and I read some of our favorite scriptures and prayed together at their kitchen table. Praise the Lord!

Tomorrow we are going to leave at 9:45am for Volcan Arenal, and the resort there, which we will be staying at for two nights, and we will return to Forester Monday afternoon. I´m sooo excited!!! XD




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