God Is So Great

Hello Everyone)!!!

Again, thank you for all your prayers for me and my fellow students and the Costa Ricans (ticos) here, and my Tico family!!! God is sooo great, as He continues to open doors each day for me to share Christ´s love and the Gospel with everyone here.

Yesterday we had our first day of morning excursions before our classes (which start at 1:15pm and finish at 5pm every Monday through Thursday), and we visited basically the Washington D.C. of Costa Rica. It was awesome. A large group of students and I saw La Casa Azul (the Blue House), which is basically the White House of Costa Rica. We also saw where the Costa Rican Congress stays and works. We visited the National Park of Costa Rica, the National Library of Costa Rica, and also the National Museum of Costa Rica (which contained many interesting historical facts and old, indigenous artifacts, some made of pure gold!). I was able to take a picture with two Costa Rican policemen, which was fun and a bit goofy and “touristy” at the same time (they kind of smiled and laughed at us as we walked away). :P

I had a wonderful day in class, and we (the three other students in my class, who are all female plus Halder, our very good professor and I) spoke about various topics in Spanish. Later in the evening, after a delicious dinner with my tico family which I was able to help cook, again, I was studying alone downstairs, at the kitchen table, and the mother/wife of the house, Rosibel, came in from a long day. The previous night (Monday night), God opened the door for me to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with her, as I offered to pray for her because she was having a very bad headache and other uncomfortable symptoms from a source they could not yet identify. When I offered to pray for her with Carolynne (my dear sister in Christ and room mate) she said “Si, Si!,” (“Yes, Yes!”) and then asked if we would like to go up to our (Carolynne´s an my) room to pray. I said “Sure!” and we got up right away and headed for upstairs. On our way to our room, Rosibel saw my Spanish Bible on the table and grabbed it, asking me if I would like to bring it with us when we pray. That confirmed even more that I was to share Jesus with her (as it was already heavy on my heart). So I prayed and I did, using the simple verses in the Roman Road, describing our need for Jesus Christ, and then Romans 10:9-10, describing how to receive Jesus Christ and be saved.

After sharing those verses and giving a sample prayer for salvation, in Spanish, I asked Rosibel if that prayer described the desire of her heart, and she said “Yes,” and then she prayed, out loud, to receive Jesus Christ as her Savior and Lord. Praise God!!!!! It was soooo beautiful. After that, I reassured her of her salvation by reading Revelation 3:20 (and helping her understand that Jesus is now in her life, just as He promised He would come in as she invited Him in), and Hebrews 13:5, explaining that Jesus will never leave nor ever forsake her, or anyone who puts their trust in Him. When I read Hebrews 13:5 (I also had her read it out loud, herself), she paused with her hands on the Bible, and then said with amazement, in Spanish while staring at the verse, “I have never seen that verse. Wow, I have never read or heard that. How beautiful.” All this took place the day after I had attended their Sunday Church service, which was at a Catholic Church in the evening on Sunday night. During that service I saw for the first time, first-hand, how the Catholic Bible has, indeed, changed even whole words from exact Scriptures from the Holy Bible (as I recognized verses in the program but saw the very words that were changed). Amazing.

So, last night (Tuesday night), after Rosibel and I prayed together, thanked God for the beautiful day and for giving us strength and peace, in Jesus´name, and then we read Psalms together (Psalm 23 and 91), and also Philippians 4:13 and 2 Timothy 3:16. She seems so hungry for God´s word! Afterward, I offered to give her a back massage, and she was so grateful! She also said that she has never received a back massaged such as this! Wow. While I gave her a massage, she asked me more questions, asking my opinion about certain things in the Bible and in our Christian walk and by God´s grace I answered the best I could, using God´s Word, and she was very blessed, and agreed.

This morning I had probably the best breakfast I have had here yet! There was a beautiful selection of fresh-cut fruits such as mango, papaya, pineapple and cantaloupe, along with rice and beans (gallo pinto), raw oatmeal with milk (one of my favorite breakfast foods!), fresh fruit juice, bread and butter and two different kinds of yogurt. Praise the Lord! I just had to leave a Thank You note for them in Spanish after that one. :)

This morning after breakfast I went on our second excursion, which was a visit to a huge and elaborately-built cathedral in Cartago, constructed for La Virgen de los Angeles (the Angel Virgin, or Virgin of the Angels), a saint/spirit who appeared to a young indigenous girl years ago and who is held in very high regard in Cartago and in many other places in Costa Rica, as this Virgin has been known to bring healing to many people. I learned that this Virgin has several different names throughout Costa Rica. After that, we went to Lankester (on or way we crossed the Continental Divide, where East is separateed from the West!) to a huge orchid nursery, which was gorgeous!

Finally, tonight after dinner, I was able to play and sing a few songs on the mandolin for the family and a guest (a history professor from the University of Costa Rica, who is also a friend of the eldest son, Ricardo, and who also plays the cello and has music concerts), and they were blessed! :) I am sooo thankful to be here.

I do apologize for being a bit long-wind! I have just been having so much fun, and I REALLY appreciate all your support and prayers for me and Carolynne and for my tico family (Rosibel and Ramiro and their three sons, Ricardo – 29 -, Daniel – 25 -, and Mauricio – 21) and their friends and neighbors and other fellow students at Forester International Institute. Thank you for praying for continued safety and protection for all of us, and for open doors (and hungry and prepared hearts) to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ with everyone here! God is great and He loves you all sooooo MUCH!!!

Love Always and Forever in Christ,

Caitlyn (“Catalina”)

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