From San Jose – Away Home

Today was bitter-sweet as we said our goodbye’s in San Jose. Last night I stayed up until dawn, writing letters and wrapping small gifts of chocolate for each member of the family – I didn’t mind one bit. The Martinez family has been above and beyond generous, as they are not paid much at all in the first place for taking in students from other countries – we were even told that the expenses for caring for and feeding us is essentially out of their generosity and goodwill, and I can now attest to that. …Read the rest »

Father’s Day & The Salvation Bracelet

Happy Father´s Day, everyone!!!! Today was another awesome day. :) James, Carolynne and I all went shopping around noon, after breakfast, for our dinner gift to our tico family. We decided a couple days ago to make two pizzas, a calzone (basically like a giant pizza hot pocket) and a huge salad for them for Father´s Day dinner. I was in charge of the salad, and was amazed at how for such little money I was able to make a HUGE salad, which will most likely last for another two or three days! It was a lot of fun, and the family was so blessed tonight. Praise God!

After dinner, I gave Mr. Martinez …Read the rest »

Saturday & Evening Gathering

Hello Everyone! God bless you this evening! I hope and pray all is SUPER-well with you all. Everything has been going great here, as usual. Praise God!

Today (Saturday, June 18th) was a relaxing day, as we were able to sleep in (we don´t have any excursions or overnight trips this weekend, and I decided to stay home with my tico family). Many other students decided to high tail it for the beach with each other, but I believe I´ll find more opportunities to speak Spanish and learn about Costa Rican and Latin culture here with the family. And so far, that´s what has been happening! :D

…Read the rest »

Friday Night Bible Study

On Friday (June 17th) we had no excursion in the morning, but only class  in the afternoon (which was fun, as always). In the evening, I went to the Friday night Bible study led by Ricardo (which was awesome, again!!), I played mandolin and sang beforehand, and after that we had a barbecue together, to celebrate Father´s Day early and to also commemorate one of the member´s passing of an important academic test.

We met at another family´s house this week, which was …Read the rest »

Testimony On The Bus

After class and on our way home on the bus (because it was raining), a tico stepped onto our bus and stood at the front, facing everyone seated in order to share something for a minute or two and then to ask for financial support for a cause (which is the second time I have seen someone do this since I´ve been here – I assume it´s pretty common). However, when he began to share, the tico said that he had just gotten out of jail, and …Read the rest »

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